Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Rachel Hinkle Irrevocable Special Needs Trust

A brother at Calvary Chapel Venice has setup an Irrevocable Special Needs Trust for Rachael's medical needs.  His friendship and support during this time of the 'things you don't want to deal with' has been a huge blessing.  The funds in the trust are distributed by Nancy and can legally only go for expenses towards Rachael's medical needs.  All monies spent from this fund require documentation that shows the funds were used for Rachael's medical needs.

If you would like to help but have not known what you can do, maybe this is a way you can help.  Please pray about any gift you place in this fund.  The Lord needs to be behind this and not emotions.  Rachael's expenses for ongoing care will be very high.  She is currently on Medicare but once limits are hit, the expenses will be 20% of the charges.  When that runs out there may be Medicaid to help some but not at all adequate to cover the bills.  We will personally do what we must to get Rachael the best care.

We know that folks wish to help in some way.  We are not ones to burden the flock but if the Lord leads, any amount will help.  The ongoing expenses will be huge.  We are seeking help where ever we can.

Gifts to this fund can not be considered donations as this is not a 501c or charitable entity.  If you chose to give to this fund, you will not be able to claim it as a donation.  This is simply a gift you would offer to the trust.  Here is the info(Please use the banks spelling of her first name)

Checks should be made out to:
Rachel Hinkle IRR SPL Need TR

The mailing address is:
Rachel Hinkle IRR SPL Need TR
c/o Edward Jones
810A Pinebrook Road
Venice, Florida  34285
Attn: Mark Hyland
Calvary Chapel of Venice
Benevolence Fund
602 Albee Farm Rd.
Nokomis, Florida  34275

You can wire money to:
Northern Trust Company, Chicago, IL
ABA Routing # 071000152
Account Name - Edward Jones
Credit Acct#      78174
(This notation needs to be made or the funds will not make it to Rachael's account)
Further Credit to Rachel Hinkle IRR SPL Need TR 995-09551-1-3

If you have any questions, please call Edward Jones at 941-484-3983 or 888-484-3983 and ask for Mark Hyland or Collette.

Nancy and I thank you so much for your prayers.  Above even the money, prayer is the most important gift you can give us.  Once again, if led in the Spirit to give a gift to this fund Rachael will be blessed.  We have been able to purchase a Pulse Oximeter that will alert us if she has a problem with her breathing or heart rate from funds already gifted!

Thank you,
Burt and Nancy

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