Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just One Week - When He Reigns it Pours!

This is from Nancy's Journaling that she edited for this blog:

Oswald Chambers had a great word on September 3rd entitled Pouring Out the Water of Satisfaction

He basically says that when we are blessed, we are not to horde those blessings but to pour them back out to the Lord which to me means being thankful and then blessing others

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’ ”

As I have struggled this week with self-pity and anger over an existence that I would never have chosen for myself or my daughter, I can't help but see God's blessings being poured out on us from all over.  Here are a few from just this week...

  • Rachael has been (finally!) headache free for 1 week now.  Just when I was pressuring the doctors to remove the Baclofen pump that has caused nothing but complications, her leak seems to have healed up as her symptoms have subsided.  This means she does not have to endure another surgery right now and we can keep this pain relieving pump in case she needs it in the future if the hyperbaric treatments do not reduce her muscle spasticity.

  • Monday, Deb White and Mandy Yoder surprised me with a massage from a therapist here in town.  They watched my girls, cleaned house, cooked dinner and organized our lanai. Wow!

  • I was also given a massage gift from the Pastor Chris and Christen Thostenson with a therapist coming to our house.  My back and hands are doing much better, thank you!

  • Mandy also sent someone over with a beautiful couch that they were getting rid of.  It replaces our broken one.  We love it!

  • Rachael had 2 tests this week, an EEG and an MRI.  Praise God I was able to take her to them (always in Sarasota) in our own wheelchair van that was a miracle story in itself.  Burt was able to meet us at both tests to keep Rachael calm and coach her through as the tests for her are traumatic.  When Burt arrived back at his office at Stuart Signs, he found that several of his co-workers had gone into an office and prayed for Rachael to get through her MRI.  She did great!

  • Thursday our Pastor and his wife, Bob and Barb Wulfing, dropped their busy schedules  to meet with us for counseling through some difficult emotional struggles.  Our marriage is a target for the enemy who desires to divide us.  Thank you all for your prayers to keep us working together as one flesh.  The pain that we both feel in regard to Rachael's condition and especially her suffering is still very real and present and is only through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ that we can stand together through this trial.  All glory be to HIM for it!

  • On Friday my sister-in-law Yvonne and my brother Charlie came to watch Rachael which allowed me to go grocery shopping and run errands.  They folded laundry and organized book shelves while I was gone.  Thank you guys.  We love you!

  • Carol my sister stopped by that night to bring Rachael a frappuccino and to give Burt and I a break for us to go out...

  • That same night Tom and Darryl Weaver brought us a wonderful Mexican meal (no need to go out!) and stayed to watch the movie The Grace Card.  We did not get out but instead stayed in for a wonderful evening with friends and family that God has blessed us with.

  • Earlier that day we were hugely blessed by some stranger cutting and grooming our front yard.  Thanks Bob and Barb for the lawn care blessing (especially now that Daniel is gone!)

  • Saturday morning we were blessed by our wonderful physical therapist, Lucille, who also loves the Lord and brings such a gentle sweet spirit when she comes to stretch out Rachael's legs and arms.  We made sure we told her so that morning.

So you can see we are surrounded by multiple blessings.  We only hope and pray that we can pour out the blessings by thanking Him for His faithfulness and encouraging His saints to stand strong and not grow weary with great trust that all things are working for His Glory.

Thank you all for your great blessings to us!