Monday, February 14, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #15 A Valentine Gift

I need to get to a bed but I must share this with you.  Tonight I noticed that Rachael was audio tracking me as I moved about from side to side of her bed.  As I spoke to her, her gaze lingered much longer than normal and I made mention of this to Nancy.  I left the room to check on Hanna in the waiting room.  A few minutes later, Nancy comes around the corner very excited and yells, "She is smiling..laughing".  Upon entering the room we were greeted with a huge Rachael Smile.  Her eyes fixed on us as she lit up the room with a huge smile and a silent laugh. Nancy had started to encourage Rachael, tell her how proud she was of her and to let her know how precious she is.   It was joy all over her face.  I took out my phone to snap a picture, asked Rachael to smile and immediately she smiled again.  This went on for at least 4 times.  She was with us for a short while then went back to sleep.  It was incredible to see that face light up so.  At least 6 nurses came in, all so excited to see the response from Rachael.  It was thrilling for us all.

Praise to Lord Jesus, the great healer!

Just prior to this most wonderful event,  we had prayed for wisdom and specifically for the minions of the enemy to be put away by God's holy warriors, not only from the room but from the whole hospital.  We asked that Jesus would command even the lost to do good by Rachael.  That she would be a cause for good care.

Nancy, Hanna and I had a lot of snacks tonight at home.  We had the most incredible apple pie from the Shore family,  It was fun tonight.  There was a joy that has been missing.

Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers beyond the measure we had hoped for in the day!

Burt and Nancy

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