Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #7

Just a quick note for prayer as Rachael possibly has a blood infection. Cultures are taken from two seperate areas.  One of the cultures from the other day came back positive for infection.  One did not.   Once a culture is taken  it takes 2 days for the culture to develop and for an antibiotic treatment to be found.

A second culture was taken just a few minutes ago (10:15am  EST).  They have to follow protocol to respond to the possibiltity that the infection exists due to the one culture returning positive.  This protocol involves changes to IV's etc. and removal of the 'pick' line that can further complicate things.

Please pray that  Rachael is clear of the blood infection and that God provides discernment in pulling her 'pick'  line vs. waiting 24 hours for the new culture to grow if there is an infection.


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