Monday, February 14, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #14 A Smile, A Tear

This is succinct as I am writing it during lunch at school.  Much has happened over the past few days.  Here are the highlights.  We thank you so much for your prayers.  Please continue to pray.

Rachael will be moving to another health care facility for rehab to bring her up to the level where she can participate in further rehabilitation.   She remains at the Rachos 3 level of cognition.

She has been given a new trache which permits her to breath through her mouth and nose as overflow from the trache opening. This also permits her to exercise her vocal chords.  Last night she was making sounds using her lips.  They were the sounds for

The long I sound,  the sound for L, the sound form M, the short O sound and the blend 'Har'.

We planned to move her to Heartland here in Sarasota on Thursday but she acquired two infections that had to be dealt with first.  Today, those are cleared up.  We hope to see her moved early this week.

Her heart rate is much lower! Praise God for answered prayers.  It was down to the 70's last night for the first time since the accident.

Her fever is lowering and hit 98 last night! Thank you Jesus for another answered prayer.

She had been very fidgety over the past weeks.  We attribute this to the several infections she has had to fight, frustration and the Foli tube.  The Foli was removed the other day and she is much more comfortable.  For two nights she has slept still and quiet.  The teeth crunching now seems to occur when she is tired and about to go to sleep.,

We have an opportunity for an open door for a rehab facility in NJ that is tops in the nation for neuro rehab.  The Kessler Institute in East Orange is rated very high.  We are awaiting her acceptance as they have to first evaluate her which they do via records and over the phone discussions.   If accepted, Hanna, Nancy and I will go up to NJ for 3 weeks.  Daniel will remain home for college.  All we know at this point regarding this is that Kessler will be reviewing her case.

Last night, while her hair was being washed, she had a smile! This was the first smile we have seen from her since the accident.  It was such a blessing.   When we were preparing to leave, we prayed together as always.  This time her eyes welled with tears and one ran down the side of her cheek.  Her face had the appearance of crying. We claim these things as stitches in healing.  We can not be sure of anything but our faith in God that he works all things for good and that He will be glorified in this.  Yet, we saw the smile and the tears.

It was a long day yesterday for Rachael, she was very active.  Please pray for:

  • Continued healing.

  • A way for her to communicate yes and no.

  • For admission to Kessler if that is God's will.

  • Protection against infection.

  • Thanking God for the blessings he gives all of us each day.  With prayer in thankfulness and supplication.  Don't forget to thank Him for what He has done for you, is doing through you and will do with you in the future.

Today is Valentine's Day.  Please remember the greatest Valentine, Jesus on the Cross.

God Bless,
Burt and Nancy

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