Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You For The Prayer - Rachael Doing Great!

Rachael is doing much better.  She began to find releif earlier this evening.  Nancy was focused, caring and entrenched in getting this working for Rachael.  She prayed alot.  She tried several different remedies throughout the past few days.  Together, at night, all night, we worked to bring releif to Rachael.

Both Rachael and Nancy are sleeping comfortably.  It has been a wild week!  More later, God did some work on all our hearts on this one!  Praise be to Jesus Christ!

Prayer Needed

Rachael needs prayer on her  GI Tract as she has had little function since the surgery.   Pray that she will get by this hurdle.  Please pray also for Nancy as this takes so much out of her.
We are weighing whether to go to the ER as there is activity in her GI but it is not fully functional.

Rachael's feet are doing great and she is not having anymore pain or cramping in her legs.  The meds took their toll on her GI tract though and that is what the problem is now.  Once we hear from the Dr. we will decide if Rachael goes to the ER or not.  If she displays any further toxicity issues, we will go to the ER.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rachael’s All-Nighter- Doing Great


Making this quick as I need to get to work but we had an all-nighter with Rachael as she was having some problems.  We changed the meds and she is back to near normal. She is Smilin', eatin' and drinkin! It has been a ride on the train called trial for the past few days. She has suffered greatly with post surgery pain. Now though, we are out of the woods on this and as I type I hear her laughing with her friends Loretta and John. It sure was a blessing to be greeted by that great smile this afternoon. Oh yes, we woke up first thing in the…afternoon.


More later,

Burt and Nancy

Friday, September 7, 2012

There Is No Place Like Home

Dorothy clicked her heals together to get back home, Rachael's heals are a whole different story. Yet, she is home, by the One who has had all power and authority over all things given to Him, Jesus Christ! How often has it happened to you or someone you know that you were back home on the day of discharge by 11:00 AM? That is how it played out today for Rachael. We attribute this to a great doctor, Doctor O'Neill from Kennedy White Orthopedic Group and a great staff at SMH Ortho for getting us out the door.

It was a long night. Too reminiscent of the many nights we spent with Rachael at several different hospitals or health care facilities. The flip side is that we have done this before. Nancy did great! She was at peace and really that all started for both of us when the prayer chains started. This will be hard for some to process (J ) but we felt the prayer. The results were fantastic and it looks like there will be no need for further procedures. #PraiseGod.

For those that do not know, Rachael had Contracture Release surgery. Her feet were turned inward to a right angle at the ankle. Try to do that with your feet. She has been this way since about 3 months post accident.

The cuts were many to both feet. Her right Achilles tendon was cut but her left remains intact. Many other smaller cuts were made at strategic points to release the tendons. The doctor also moved tendons, removing it from one location and reattaching it to another. This is nothing short of surgical art. We prayed with our doctor for God to work through his hands and for God's will, whatever the result, be done.

Thank you all for your prayers, they worked big. Rachael's heart beat was up to 178 post op. That is a scary place to be. Your prayers helped to keep thoughts to the present and kept us from nearly losing it. Once again, Dr. Simon played a key role in providing comfort to us and Rachael. SMH is a great place to be sick or fixed in. What wonderful care all the way through at SMH! We also had the chance to share Christ during the recovery portion. What can you say when someone says "you guys must have a direct line" except 'so can you!' Then go from there.

Thank you again our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Out Of The Woods

Rachael has settled into her room here at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.  Her heart rate is in the 130's and stable.   All 3 doctors involved agree that the heart rate should be monitored but is no urgent concern.  Rachael is semi-conscience and has said she is in a great deal of pain in her feet and throat.

She is spending the night here. Nancy and I will be with her. We all want to thank you for your prayers today. We know they made a difference.

Rachael has a cast on each foot. She will be wearing them for about a month As i am writing, her heart rate went down to 116

Her doctor, Dr. Oneill from Kennedy White, was very approachable, clear in communication and readily available. He is quite meticulous and stated several times that he was not in a rush to do his work. The guy was great. He stated that this was the worse case of contracture that he has seen. He is very pleased with the outcome. So are we.

We have been pretty quite these past few months with updates. Thank you for responding so quickly and for keeping us all in your prayers. It has been tough as of late with the surgery and life. It has been 1yr7months since the accident. Realities set in yet hope does not wain. We are facing some giants, have picked our stone and slung our shot. Today and over the past few days, God was glorified.
Thank you all very much!

Burt and Nancy

Rachael High Heart Rate Need Prayer

Rachael needs prayer.  In recovery she has a very high heart ratE at around 160.  This could be due to several thing.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Surgery On Thursday

Please keep Rachael in your prayers this day as she is having important surgery done to straighten her feet.  Rachael has contractures on both feet causing them to curve to the inside.  Thursday, she will have "contracture release" surgery.  Pray for Dr. O'neill and his skilled hands, pray for Nancy and I as we care for Rachael, especially Nancy as she will be with Rachael on Friday.  We are asking you also to pray that Rachael will experience minimal pain during her 6 week recovery.

Rachael has waited a long time to make this decision.  We have too.  Rachael is insanely gung-ho and ready to get this surgery done.  She is not afraid, she is excited!  We look forward to great results and once again to see our Lord work through the hands of skilled doctors.

Thank you for your prayers!  We arrive at the Hospital at 7:00 AM


This will may have a logistical impact on how we perform care for Rachael.  We will need to modify the way we do things, ways that have become second nature.  Whenever there is a new adjustment like this, it is troubling and can lead to frustration.  Pray for peace that goes beyond all understanding for Nancy and I.