Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #10

Keep Praying!  Rachael still remains in a coma.  The Lord has begun a great healing in her.  She has a verifiable swallowing reflex and has started  to be weaned from the hospital oxygen.  The swallowing is a big deal for sanitary reasons as well as the hope and prayer that she will be able to get off the trache and breathe through her mouth.

Please continue to pray.  I have started a dialog with an orphanage in India run by Pastor Peter Palani that is now praying for Rachael.  We have heard from folks that a prayer chain in Egypt is also praying.   This is simply overwhelming and we praise God for all that is being done via prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you visit Rachael, please keep in mind these things:

She is very susceptible to infection.  If someone in your family is sick with a virus but you are ok, you are still carrying the virus and we request you wait until the virus has passed through your family before visiting.

Please don't dismiss symptoms you are having as "allergies acting up" .  Please be symptom free.

Bacteria are everywhere.  When you visit, if you plan to hold her hand, please wear a gown and put on gloves.  These items are at the door as you walk in to her room.

Please  understand, a cold could be fatal.  Please consider this when visiting.  Being that I am around so many kids, I gown up and glove up when I go in after being at school.
Most importantly, we ask that you are there to visit with Rachael.  Not console  us.  Rachael needs the stimulation of talking, singing and reading of scripture.

You don't need to speak loud, as I was doing earlier at ICU, if she is hearing she is hearing normal volumes.
If there are several people in the room, Please do not make it a room of chatter.  This could be very confusing and frustrating to a person in a coma.  Talk normally, and take turns one at a time.
Again we ask for you to pray with her, read scripture and if so gifted, sing in worship to our Lord with her.

Our Prayer requests are for her to get off the trache tube and for her to be healed.  Pray also for our family.

Thank you and Keep the prayers coming!


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