Sunday, August 31, 2014

More Woods

Rachael is still nauseated most of the time and has taken in just very small amounts of liquid and foods. Unless she turns the corner today, we will probably have to re-admit her to SMH. She is not out of the woods yet.  Please pray for her to able to eat and drink without nausea.
No blockage is being detected via stethoscope and visible result, yet she is not able to ingest.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Rachael is home!  We want to thank all the folks from the body that prayed for us and especially for Rachael. Incredible thanks to Doctor Jack Rodman and his team at First Physicians Group  and the greatest hands in America, Dr. Novack. A heartfelt thanks to the skilled in loving staff at the 6th and 7th Floors at SMH for taking care of Rachael and us. 


Friday, August 29, 2014

Almost Home

We have been way to occupied by Rachael's illness and work to blog. Here is an update:

 Home is only 10 minutes away but it has been a 19 day trip for Rachael. Following her locally unprecedented sub total coloctomy, Rachael has been battling several issues. One being her blood sugar, another function leading to nausea.  Once weaned from the breathing machine and out of ICU, following several days of recovery, she was given the ok for return to home. That was squelched when suddenly her blood sugar dropped. It took several says of feeding and IV's to get her body back to producing the sugar she needed. As that has appeared to stabilize, she became nauseated and was sick the night before leaving. This caused a 2nd delay in her discharge from the hospital.  Her bowels did not return to full function and we think because of that she was ill from the encouraged feedings we gave her to raise the sugar level.  Normal bowel function returned on Thursday and we hope to have her home today.

  This has really stretched our whole family.  Daniel juggled time between his busy schedule, Hanna went from school to hospital then home on many nights.  Nancy and I worked splits watching Rachael and still did our ministry at Calvary Chaple School. It is frustrating, it makes us mad this litany of dashed departures to home. Yet through it all, we have a living God in charge of it all.   We accept what he has for Rachael and us.

I am at SMH tonight, Nancy at home.  Please pray for a return to normalcy for all of us. Thank you for your prayers!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chili Is Good Medicine!

Now please understand when I write that Rachael is eating, she is only eating a very small amount. It is not enough food to sustain her, but it is enough to get things working again and to move her forward.

The video I put up yesterday was the first food she has eaten in 2 weeks but she only ate a few spoons of it. I did not want to raise the impression that she was scarfing down cheeseburgers!

Today she is resting in more comfort as she heals. She is still on some 'rock star' style meds for pain but she is wanting to take less of them. Rachael had a good day with her friend John who is a great asset to us. John met Rachael and the rest of the family back in her days in rehab recovery at Heartland following the accident. He was with Rachael today so that Nancy and I could get some rest and some chores accomplished.

The first order of business for us was to take a nap. Following that, I spent the day 'fighting Florida'; mowing the lawn, digging up saw grass or whatever that tall thick leafed grass is and hosing down the sills and crooks where bugs collect. Nancy got in a solid walk with Hanna, went shopping with her sister Mary for some needed household items and had the time to spend with a friend over tea I spent the evening here with Rachael as John left at 6:30.

Rachael had been asleep most of the evening and awoke at about 10:45, first she tried some apple sauce, then some chocolate pudding. She wanted something else and it was Chili! Being that she was on Full Liquids only, she is not allowed Chili. I explained this to her but she would not accept that restriction. I found that she wanted to talk to the nurse. When the nurse told Rachael that she could not have Chili without speaking first with the doctor, Rachael responded with a clear NO! Her loving Nurse Dawn contacted the doctor at 11:00 pm and got the ok for Rachael to have Chili. Nancy arrived with Wendy's Chili (Rachael's favorite) in tow and Rachael heartily ate a good portion of it.

Nancy and I are spending the night together with Rachael as opposed to the split shifts we have been doing. Last night, Carol, Rachael's aunt, spent the night here with Rachael so that we could be at home for a night. It is tough on the marriage to be doing the 'shift' thing and like Nancy has said, "it is like we are co-workers". We have been in crisis mode for a few weeks and been either at the hospital, at school or at rest in separate places. I just want to talk to my wife about something aside from medicine!

Rachael's Aunt Mary and Hanna cleaned through our house today like the EPA on a toxic spill, so the house is in order. All is well and moving along in a forward direction. Rachael is in pretty rough pain still and is being medicated for it.

Please keep up the prayers! They have truly helped a in a big way.






Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rachael Is Getting a New Room

Sorry about the delay.  School started this week and we have either been at school or the hospital with visits to home.
Rachael started breathing on her own yesterday.  Last night, as the picture shows, she was in much better spirits.

She was only complaining of pain and being hungry.  Her nature of joy has returned.  She was laughing at things said during conversations and understands what she has been through for surgery.
Today we found out that she will be moved out of ICU either this evening or in the morning.  The tube that is currently in her nostril, the NG tube, is planned to be removed on Thursday.  Prior to removing it the doctors will want to check to be sure that her body will perform without it.

Nancy is doing great and relieved that Rachael is healing quick.  Please keep in mind we are far from safe harbor yet.  Please pray for no infections and for Rachael's digestive system to kick into gear.
According to the doctors from what we were last told; following her departure from ICU, Rachael will still need to be in the hospital for 5-7 Days.

Thank you and I pray that  Lord's blessings are upon anyone reading this.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

In ICU Recovering

Well, Rachael still has a few humps and bumps to get over before she is in the clear.  Currently she is critical but stable, as can be expected given the traumatic surgery she has had.  She is not yet breathing on her own which is due to the heavy meds she is on. Every once in a while with stimulus and coaching she does "breath over" the machine.   That is when she is breathing more than the machine is set for.  They placed a PIC line in her to give a wider port for administering drugs and nutrients. 
She will remain here for a few days and then be moved to a regular room.  
Nancy is very nervous and has left for a few hours to go see Daniel and Hanna and to shake off the nerves.  I am here at ICU until getting this post out and finding out when I can get in the school to setup for class on Monday. Both Nancy and I plan on being at the school on Monday
I am tired and apprehensive in regards to possible over medication and other items routine for others but requiring vigilance with Rachael. Nancy is doing a great job of advocating for Rachael. We are blessed with the incredibly skilled team the Lord has pulled together for Rachael.  
She is in very rough shape right now. Her vitals are good with a faster heartbeat than we would like to see.
Please continue to pray for her with a special focus on protection from infection and for breathing on her own.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Praise God - All Went Well

Check this out. First off, Dr. Novac is considered by anyone we spoke with, including family members and nurses whom have benefited from his skills, to be the best surgeon in the area.  He JUST happened to be on call this weekend.  His schedule was full but he ended up with a break that Rachael was able to get. 

1. Rachael had most of her colon removed.  The doctor stated that it would have been about day or two and it would have perforated which is fatal.  As her Aunt Carol says "Ya dodged another bullet, Rachael"

2. It was almost a given that this would result in a colostomy. Fortunately, just prior to her digestive system jutting down, she had a minor bug causing diarrhea.  Due to a lack of water following that bout, we had to give her Nitrate of Citrus to help her.  This all worked to clean her out prior to the failure which probably helped to stave off the need for colostomy. 

3. Her bowel was pretty much useless. The doctor stated that it is now the largest and most twisted one he has seen.  Almost 5 feet were removed. 

4. She has been suffering with bowel issues for a long time and should be fine now. 

5. She is recovering in ICU and will remain in the Hospital for 5 to 7 days.

The prayers of the rightousnes avail much and we knew many of you were lifting her up today. THANK YOU!!  

Praise be to God for all that he put together to make this happen!  We want to thank Doctor Rodman and the group at First Physicians. They are a great team. Dr. Novac is as good as you can get.  

Please continue to pray for healing

Thank You Friends,


Rachael In Surgery

Rachael is in surgery as of 5:30 PM. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Dr. Novac, Rachael's surgeon was not sure how long the surgery will take.  She will be moved to ICU when she is done


Surgery postponed 2 Hours

Rachael's surgery has been put back by 2 hours 

Rachael Having Surgery at 4:00

The Doctors have tried everything to avoid surgery but they have decided that this is the only course.  She has a twist in several locations in her large intestine and the problem section will be removed. Given her physically compromising condition and that she is very weak from the inability to hold food down for the past week, the risk is higher than it would be for an ambulatory, normally active person.  She goes into surgery at 4:00 PM today. We are not sure how long the surgery will take. 

Please continue to pray


Rachael at SMH

Hello Friends,

Rachael went into Sarasota Memorial Hospital on Monday with severe abdominal distress. She went home Wednesday as we had anticipated office visits with two other doctors on Friday.  Her condition worsened overnight and she returned to SMH. 

After several tests and doctors it has been found that she has a partial or complete obstruction of her large intestine, most likely a twist that has caused her digestive system to shutdown. 

Today,  Saturday, she will undergo a non-surgical procedure. If successful she will be home in a few days. If not she will be moved to surgery to remove or repair the problem section.  

If the latter, it will be a long road of recovery for her and the risks are higher.   
Please be in prayer for Rachael and our family.  We have been running on a few hours sleep a night over the past 7 days.  Hanna starts school on Monday and Nancy and I return to school to minster in our respective rollers as well on Monday. 
Rachael is a brave girl but she admitted to being afraid today.   I have never heard her say that before. 

Bad things happen in this fallen world. Being children of God through faith in the hope and promise of Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior, we know that we all, Rachael, Daniel, Hanna, Nancy and myself are  presented with the opportunity to learn Godly wisdom from this trial.  We know that by focusing on Christ, we will have things better than gold. The peaceful fruit of righteousness is waiting for us and any believer faced with trials. 

We sound the trumpet for your prayer,

Thank you!