Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lots of Believers Here

Rachael's first full day at Heartland has gone well.  Early in the day she was crying which has in a way become the norm for her current state.  Later, she was laughing in response to something Nancy and I were laughing at.  We were able to let a staff member who is a sold out, God glorifying, life denying, sister in Christ see Rachael's big smile and laugh.  We have met quite a few believers here.  We have been able to share the burden as ours are shared with a staff member who lost a child.  God is at work here.  They have church on Sunday with Fellowship of Believers out of Sarasota.  We have freely had conversations of a biblical nature with several folks here on staff.  Talk about Jesus flows in and out the room throughout the day.  The believers have made themselves known to us quickly.  Praise you God for putting so many of your kids in our path!

All of Rachael's meds are here and it will be tonight when she gets her first complete set of meds in 24 hours.  She had a bit of a rough night but tonight should be much more restful for her.  We took the trache cap off as she is simply not yet ready for it.  The trache cap covers the air entry and forces her to breathe through her nose and mouth.  She can well do that but she is not able to bring up all the mucus yet.  So we still need to suction her. 

Today, Rachael got to hear many of the messages that have been left on the website.  We had a crash course in oxygen handling from MedOx and got to respond to a problem when Rachael's O2 abosortion levels dropped.  Together, Nancy and I took care of the situcation as we were here when it occured. 

Daniel took Hanna on a bike hike today and they had a picnic at Shamrock Park in Venice.  He is a wonderful brother to Hanna and a blessing of a brother in Christ to me.  The dude rocks! 

The staff here has made us feel secure with their level of care and compassion.

Please continue to pray.
We fervently pray for an on command, voluntary movement.  We also pray that her heart rate will normalize.

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