Monday, December 15, 2014


Rachael is on clear liquids. She is doing better. This is been a hard and torturous time for her. It has been pretty heavy on all of us. My fever went away late yesterday afternoon. So at least we've got one down and one to go!
Please continue to keep all of us in prayer she went through a lot of pain on this event. Level 10 pain that lasted upwards of 8 hours or more. Today she should start on regular liquids and move to soft solids soon. If everything works then she can come home in the next day or so. So please just pray that all works out so we can get great rest and Hanna can have joy and security and that Rachael will be healed up from all these recent events.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Rachael At SMH

Please keep the prayers coming, Rachael is on her way to SMH for admittance.

Rachael is Sick

Rachel is sick and has not been able to keep anything down since Wednesday. We thought it might have been the flu but it continues to worsen. We are contacting the doctor this morning and we believe that she might have to go back SMH. Please be in prayer for Rachel and quick healing for her and also for Nancy as she has been without sleep for most of the night night and myself as I am spiking a fever from a flu.

Thank You!

A ministry note on our last visit to the hospital:
We ended up finding someone who is in desperate need of prayer for a family member. we have since remained in contact with them. We never know what God has planned so even though things look bad not all things are bad and in the end God will get the glory!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Home Again!

Rachel is home this afternoon. She is doing great and resting comfortably. All things are looking good and we are very glad to have her back. Thank you for the prayers! They worked wonders.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ICU Again

Being that Rachael's breathing was only about 4 breaths
per minute when she was resting, they have decided to place her in ICU until the sedatives have run themselves out. She will be here until sometime tomorrow at which time she will get a regular room, most likely on the orthopedic floor. She will be in a lot of pain so please pray for her to rest comfortably and to have a much better tomorrow.

Prayer Needed For Pain/Respiratory

Rachael took a long time to come out of the anesthesia.  Her breathing went down to a critical 4 breaths a minute.  The nurse wisely called in the rapid response team and they administered a drug to counteract sedatives given post-op. The plan is to find a balance between pain Med and breathing rate.
Please pray for that balance and that her pain is manageable.  Also for Nancy and I as this is difficult.


Out And Doing Well

Just spoke to Dr Dingle.  All went well!  She has flexibility on her right leg now and the hip was in a very bad place at the siatic nerve so the pain was extreme and should be alleviated. We are waiting to go see her in recovery.

Rachael In Surgery

Rachael is in surgery. We expect to see her in an hour.

Rachael Prepping

Rachael is prepping for surgery and "feeling no pain"

Surgery Today

Hello Friends,

Rachael is having surgery today to correct a very painful condition involving her hip and aductmuscles.  Though not nearly the impact on her as the previous surgery was, this is still traumatic for her. The surgery lasts about 45 minutes.  We ask you for prayer as she goes through another visit to SMH.
Surgery is set for 1 PM

Please pray for:
Caring hands
No complications
  No infections
Quick discharge from Hospital

As for the ':
Peace and witness opportunities.