Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Infection

Just a quick note to let you know that Rachael had a culture come back positive for infection.  Another culture is being run to see if the previous one was false positive as her white blood count is normal and she did not have a fever last night.

The Kessler Institute in NJ spoke with us today.  Due to medicare funding, they would only be able to have Rachael for about a month.  They said that at her current level of cognition it would be a waste of her time.   Echoing what we have found by Health South Rehab, she needs to be able to consistently follow commands to benefit from their rehab.  So it looks like for the current time God wants Rachael at Heartland.  We visited there today and we were very upbeat about the facility.  We even met a few believers on the staff.  They have church on Sundays by the gang from Fellowship of Believers in Sarasota.  That to me is a great ministry.  We look forward to be able to get her there in the next 2 days. 

Prayer -  Please pray that she has no other road blocks from moving on to get her into Heartland and start her rehab.

Needs - If anyone has a 'finger tip' Pulse Oximeter that has the ability to set the thresholds and if met, sound an audible alarm.  We need one.  941-545-0713

God Bless,
Burt and Nancy

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