Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Ready To Move

Rachael's temp is under control.  Her heart rate is still a concern but if she hits 120, she is medicated to bring it down.  On Friday, another white blood count will be done to see if she has indications of an infection.   Today she rested comfortably.  Nancy took some time out to rest this afternoon.  We are hoping that Rachael will be cleared to move this weekend.  We are in no rush as our Lord is in charge and once again, in this delay, He has shown Himself to do the what is best for Rachael.  Had she acquired this infection at a rehab facility, she well might have been hospitalized.  Her trache is 'capped' meaning that she is breathing only through her mouth and nose now.  The trache has to remain in as she still needs assistance with mucus if it builds up in her lungs.  She is also on room air, no oxygen from the tanks.  These are little stitches that will make her rehab easier.

We have acquired a Pulse Oximiter.  It was supplied through funds from a trust setup for Rachael to pay for medical costs and equipment.  I am supplying information on it in the next update if you would like to help.

We love the words you guys are offering us.  I have read some to Nancy and they DO make a difference.  I know it is much to ask to keep praying but please do so. It makes a huge difference.

Prayers are for Rachael to keep stable with her heart rate and no more infections.

God Bless,
Burt and Nancy

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