Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #9

On the last post I stated that the next message would be to let you know that Rachael made a voluntary, repeatable move.  That has not happened yet.  Nancy and I want to keep the updates going and share what we are witnessing.  I have been searching the web for information and happen upon websites of others going through various brain related ordeals with loved ones.  We need to be a part of this 'sphere' of experiences, information and Biblical hope.  So we will continue.

Monday, 1/17 is our 2nd year anniversary.  Pray for us as it has been hard over the past few weeks but we are focused on our Lord and helping each other to take thoughts captive and be obedient.  Today after church, with Pastor Bob presiding, Nancy and I solidly, tearfully but joyfully renewed our vows to each other at the altar before the Lord.  It was a very intimate moment that God setup while Ray White was playing piano.  All pretty much unplanned but done with permission from our Lord.

Good news!  Today, Rachael lifted her left arm several times and turned her left wrist.  Two nurses have offered reports.  One stated that she thought Rachael was 'tracking her' or following her with her eyes the other night.  Another stated that when she called Rachael's name, Rachael's eyes opened wide in immediate response.  None of these things can be considered  official signs of waking but it gives us and the nurses here at Health South hope.  Her white blood count is normal  so it looks like the infection has been dealt with.  Thanks again to Dr. Clemmons.

Today, Eddie Aguiliera showed up with a friend of his, Javier to worship, it was a very uplifting time.  They played and sang to Rachael.  Yesterday a friend of ours, Faith Beauchamp sang so sweetly several old hymns, some new ones and just brought such a peace with the gifts God has given her.

Hanna's birthday was Saturday.  She is 9!  On Thursday when Daniel got home there was a box left on our doorstep.  It was sweetly addressed to Miss Hannah.  It was signed by "someone in God's family"  Upon opening it she had a brand new American Girl doll!  What a sweet blessing to a little girl.  Hanna shrieked when she opened it.  Thank you to the wonderful saint that thought so kindly of Hanna.

Nancy has placed a dry erase board up in the room.  Each day there is a new verse.

There is so much more to share.  In another update, possibly tonight, we will share more.

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