Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #2

Thanks first off to the Sullivan family. Christine has been such a huge help with communications and getting the prayer word out for Rachael.

We ask first off that folks limit their phone calls to us. We will be directing people to the various sites that are hosting these updates.

Nancy and I "hit the wall" late yesterday and went home to nap for a few hours. Our timing was good as Pastor Bob was dispatched by his wife Barb to come to the hospital and in obedience to our pastor, ask us to go home and sleep. We beat them to the punch by just a few minutes. We took turns during the night napping for a few hours each. Daniel and Hanna have been sticking tight to each other and spent the night at home for a good nights rest.

Rachael is now medically stable on ventilator. Her heart rate is slightly elevated but within an acceptable range. Her kidneys are doing a great job of ridding the body of the excess proteins caused by muscle damage and breakdown. Often times the amount of proteins the body needs to dispose of causes issues with the kidneys. Not so with our Master Healer in charge. She is moving more in response to "noxious stimuli". This is a form of stimulus that causes movement by touch in various places.
Now the great news of this day:

As of 10:33 am Rachael's temp was at 99.6! We got to see it drop to 98.6 earlier this morning. This is without "ice" as we requested the ice removed late last night. Please continue to pray that the temp will stabilize at 98.6.

Jesus continues to show Himself to be the healer, the doctor in charge. We are so blessed with the talents of so many medical professionals that are applying their skills on Rachael. Venice Regional is doing a great job. God has assembled a mighty team here.
There are so many "little miracles" happening here. The results of YOUR prayer!!! It is truly availing much. We now understand that there is a world wide collection of prayer warriors. 'Viral prayer' if you will, going on from all over the states and the world. The call for prayer on Sunday night at around midnight was huge and we thank all of you!
There is still so far to go. We await the results of the MRI.

As the pace picks up the updates will be shorter. Thank you all again. It is truly an amazing witness to the world to see the response from the body of Christ. Please keep praying as we await MRI results. Also send up prayer for limited soft tissue damage the extent of which will not become evident for several days. All the Glory be to God!

Burt and Nancy

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