Friday, January 23, 2015

Home Already!!

Everything that could go right did go right! The Lord really showed up big time we thank you all for your prayers. We are back at home with Rachael and for the first time in a very long time she was able to enjoy the company of the rest of the family and our pastor, Don Haskins, in the living room.  Rachel has been bedridden since August. So this is a very exciting day for all of us!  
Once again we thank you all for your prayers.

Great News

Dr. Sean Dingle Rocks!  as it turned out, once under sedation, Rachael's hip was found to be quite flexible Dr. Dingle decided to release a few tendons but her hip will remain intact!  This changes the surgery from something that would require several days in the hospital to out patient surgery permitting her to possibly go home today!  
Her heart rate is' abnormally normal!  By that I mean that in all past surgeries she has had a heart rate of over 125 but now it is at 68!  She Is uncomfortable but doing very well in post op.

Burt and Nancy

The Power Of Prayer !!

PRE-OP Status

She is laughing and ready to get this done.

In Pre-0p Again

This is a picture of the IV tree at SMH Pre OP. Snow Bird Surgery! It is very busy here today.
To update you, Rachael is having surgery on her left hip today. This is the same type of surgery that she had in December on her right hip. 
We will keep you updated throughout the day.

Please pray for smooth surgery, post-op resources and a quick recovery.  Pray also for Nancy, Hanna myself  as this has been a difficult month as Rachael has been in severe pain much of the time.
Most importantly, pray God sends us our next opportunity further the kingdom!

Burt and Nancy