Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #11

This is two days old....

Keep Praying.  The pulmonary specialist verified that Rachael is able to swallow.  Rachael has been setup in a chair at times during the day.  Nancy noticed that while she was brushing Rachael's hair, Rachael was doing some of the work of holding her head up.  We still do not have any localized, voluntary response to commands yet.

We both now understand via the Scriptures we have been lead in the Spirit to read and words from members of the body that God is asking us to wait.  He is doing a great work in and through Rachael and basically does not want this healing to happen quickly.  We are learning a whole new level of trust in Him.

Nancy is back at school part-time in the morning.   Calvary Chapel School is a place where much work for the Lord is being done through the teachers, leadership, support staff and quite surprisingly (or not if you are use to this place) the children.   It is an uplifting place.

Psalm 25:3a

"Indeed none of those who wait for You will be ashamed"

Your prayers for Nancy and I are breaking down incredible strongholds and revealing blind spots.  God is doing a big heart work job on us.  We have been lifted up by your prayers.  People wonder how we hold up and we can answer "because of Christ and prayers from the body."  Please continue to pray for Daniel and Hanna as well.

Last night Hanna said "I think God is talking to Rachael and he is telling her that 'I am done talking to you, your family needs you and it is time to wake up'."  We do need her.

Calvary Chapel in Sarasota has had a prayer fast for the church over the past few days and Rachael has been lifted up in prayer by those warriors.

More later, just wanted to send a quick update.  We have been pretty busy as of late and not able to update as quickly as we wish we could.

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