Friday, February 25, 2011

Rachael Is at Heartland

Rachael was transferred to Heartland at around 3:00 today.  It is here that she will begin rehab.  She needs to rehab to a point that she can respond to commands consistently.  That is the goal.  Secondary to that is the training that Nancy and I need to care for Rachael upon her leaving Heartland whenever that occurs.

Transfers are not easy for Rachael or the rest of us.  When moving from one facility to another, not only does the person have to go but all the information and medication.  Medication is troubling.  An order for the meds can not be requested until the patient is at the facility.  Then the doctor is contacted, the order written and then the meds acquired.  There were some major ones in house but others had to be brought in from CVS and had not yet arrived by 11:00 PM when we left.

We met the folks from Medox here in town.  Great and highly informative.  They set Rachael up with her air humidification for the trache.  She needs that at night.

Nancy was completely exhausted by days end.  We maybe said 10 sentences all the way back home.

We have already met some great nurses at Heartland.  Dedicated folks.  We were informed early on in the afternoon that the first day is the worst for getting settled.  We thank them for making this transfer much less stressful than it had the potential to be.

With all the excitement today, Rachael nodded off to sleep at around 10 and that was without any meds all day!  She did have a few episodes during the day of high heart rate,  repositioning her took care of that.

We are trusting in God's promises.  Today we had to practice what we preach regarding trust.  After all was done, we were very comfortable leaving her tonight.

We pray that she will respond to rehab.  We pray that the Lord will keep her safe and watch over her tonight.  We thank God and Praise Him in the Name of His Son for getting us a great nurse, a great oxygen company and finally the road to rehab.

Keep the prayers coming,

Burt and Nancy

PS - To Carol McGough - we sat down with your wonderful meal tonight at 11:30 and it was a delight at the end of a very long day.  Thanks Sistah!

Burt and Nancy

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