Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #3

Rachael has had a couple of small issues to overcome today. First off was her fever. It rose to 102. She is under the cooling blanket again to keep it under control.

We had a scare as she needed two units of blood. With no evidence of bleeding, a test was performed (H and H) and so far it looks like this just may have been a result of the initial shock.

Her liver enzymes are a bit high.

Nancy, Daniel, Hanna and I were able to sit down last night and eat a meal together. We missed Rachael.

We all had a fairly good nights sleep. Hanna went back to school today. Daniel and I went with her to drop her off. I spoke to our class and it was a blessed time. Calvary Chapel School is a very special place.

The harsh realities are taking hold and we are educating ourselves on Coma and hypoxia injuries. Yes, she is in a coma. Keep in mind that things can change only when our Lord God decides it should. We are in the very early stages of her recovery. For those of you that understand these things, Rachael is in a Glasgow 3 level Coma. Our Lord does not care about statistics. We have been blessed by a visit from an old friend of Nancy's that was once in a Coma for 7 days. Another volunteer here at Venice Regional told the story of her daughter that was in a Coma for 10 days. We have heard several 10 day Coma stories today. We are encouraged because of Christ in our hearts and the sharing of others past trials.
There are several members of the staff that have talked to us about the Lord and discussed their walk or lack of it with us. We have been able to share the burdens of others here as you have shared ours. This Room has become a small church. We were permitted to play some Phil Wickham and Hillsong on a portable iPod player. We have regularly been reading the scriptures aloud to Rachael. We have been praying unceasingly. We are giving all the glory to God and sharing Christ with anyone that we engage in a conversation with about Rachael.
Even in her slumber, she is ministering to people.

Now for some what we think is good news. Today Rachael's eyes were more reactive to light, her pupils were bigger and the great news is that she frowned! Frowning is considered to be 'localized' and 'voluntary'. Those two words - localized and voluntary are very important. In Daniels words "It was Rachael!" It is what I saw yesterday but did not have witness nor a repeat. It was verified today by Daniel, our wonderful daytime nurse Dawn and Nancy! This is extremely good news. We stand on the victory of her complete recovery. As I type this a friend called to tell me that he was compelled to say that he knows that there will be a full recovery, sooner than later.

Please read Psalm 20 tonight. The Lord led me to that Psalm this morning and it has spoken clearly to us. Offer up prayers to the Lord, claim the victory and His promises and remember our dependency on Him.

Prayer Request:

Pray for her fever to get under control, for her liver enzymes to level out and for her to be able to get off the ventilator and for her complete recovery.

Thank you for your continued prayers,

Burt, Nancy, Rachael, Daniel and Hanna

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