Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rachael Hinkle Update #16 - Voluntary!

This is a quick note but last night, in the presence of a neurologist, Rachael voluntarily moved her right arm up and down 2 times and squeezed the fingers of the Doctor!  In these situations, you can witness various signs of hope but without verification from the neurologist, they are just your own personal treasures that do not count medically.  Prior to the doctor arriving, we got another big smile from Rachael.  She also cried more in the morning.  Though it is troubling to see her crying, it is a sign of cognition. Praise God for continued healing!

Prayer requests for the day:

  • Today (2/16) A meeting is being held to place her into Health South Rehab.  Though she does not yet meet the level of cognition they require, she is showing improvement, we are hoping to get her there for rehab.  They are wonderful folks and whatever their decision we know that it is in Rachael's best interest  and what God would want.  Pray for the favor to fall upon Rachael to be admitted to Health South Rehab and wisdom for doctors.

  • For Rachael's comfort

  • Praise God and thanking him for bringing her temp down and easing the teeth grinding.  Also for getting her heart rate down.

  • Wisdom and discernment for Nancy and I regarding next steps.

  • For Nancy, to keep focused in the day, to be lifted up and strengthened

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