Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rachael Is Getting a New Room

Sorry about the delay.  School started this week and we have either been at school or the hospital with visits to home.
Rachael started breathing on her own yesterday.  Last night, as the picture shows, she was in much better spirits.

She was only complaining of pain and being hungry.  Her nature of joy has returned.  She was laughing at things said during conversations and understands what she has been through for surgery.
Today we found out that she will be moved out of ICU either this evening or in the morning.  The tube that is currently in her nostril, the NG tube, is planned to be removed on Thursday.  Prior to removing it the doctors will want to check to be sure that her body will perform without it.

Nancy is doing great and relieved that Rachael is healing quick.  Please keep in mind we are far from safe harbor yet.  Please pray for no infections and for Rachael's digestive system to kick into gear.
According to the doctors from what we were last told; following her departure from ICU, Rachael will still need to be in the hospital for 5-7 Days.

Thank you and I pray that  Lord's blessings are upon anyone reading this.


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