Friday, August 29, 2014

Almost Home

We have been way to occupied by Rachael's illness and work to blog. Here is an update:

 Home is only 10 minutes away but it has been a 19 day trip for Rachael. Following her locally unprecedented sub total coloctomy, Rachael has been battling several issues. One being her blood sugar, another function leading to nausea.  Once weaned from the breathing machine and out of ICU, following several days of recovery, she was given the ok for return to home. That was squelched when suddenly her blood sugar dropped. It took several says of feeding and IV's to get her body back to producing the sugar she needed. As that has appeared to stabilize, she became nauseated and was sick the night before leaving. This caused a 2nd delay in her discharge from the hospital.  Her bowels did not return to full function and we think because of that she was ill from the encouraged feedings we gave her to raise the sugar level.  Normal bowel function returned on Thursday and we hope to have her home today.

  This has really stretched our whole family.  Daniel juggled time between his busy schedule, Hanna went from school to hospital then home on many nights.  Nancy and I worked splits watching Rachael and still did our ministry at Calvary Chaple School. It is frustrating, it makes us mad this litany of dashed departures to home. Yet through it all, we have a living God in charge of it all.   We accept what he has for Rachael and us.

I am at SMH tonight, Nancy at home.  Please pray for a return to normalcy for all of us. Thank you for your prayers!!

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