Saturday, August 16, 2014

Praise God - All Went Well

Check this out. First off, Dr. Novac is considered by anyone we spoke with, including family members and nurses whom have benefited from his skills, to be the best surgeon in the area.  He JUST happened to be on call this weekend.  His schedule was full but he ended up with a break that Rachael was able to get. 

1. Rachael had most of her colon removed.  The doctor stated that it would have been about day or two and it would have perforated which is fatal.  As her Aunt Carol says "Ya dodged another bullet, Rachael"

2. It was almost a given that this would result in a colostomy. Fortunately, just prior to her digestive system jutting down, she had a minor bug causing diarrhea.  Due to a lack of water following that bout, we had to give her Nitrate of Citrus to help her.  This all worked to clean her out prior to the failure which probably helped to stave off the need for colostomy. 

3. Her bowel was pretty much useless. The doctor stated that it is now the largest and most twisted one he has seen.  Almost 5 feet were removed. 

4. She has been suffering with bowel issues for a long time and should be fine now. 

5. She is recovering in ICU and will remain in the Hospital for 5 to 7 days.

The prayers of the rightousnes avail much and we knew many of you were lifting her up today. THANK YOU!!  

Praise be to God for all that he put together to make this happen!  We want to thank Doctor Rodman and the group at First Physicians. They are a great team. Dr. Novac is as good as you can get.  

Please continue to pray for healing

Thank You Friends,


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