Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chili Is Good Medicine!

Now please understand when I write that Rachael is eating, she is only eating a very small amount. It is not enough food to sustain her, but it is enough to get things working again and to move her forward.

The video I put up yesterday was the first food she has eaten in 2 weeks but she only ate a few spoons of it. I did not want to raise the impression that she was scarfing down cheeseburgers!

Today she is resting in more comfort as she heals. She is still on some 'rock star' style meds for pain but she is wanting to take less of them. Rachael had a good day with her friend John who is a great asset to us. John met Rachael and the rest of the family back in her days in rehab recovery at Heartland following the accident. He was with Rachael today so that Nancy and I could get some rest and some chores accomplished.

The first order of business for us was to take a nap. Following that, I spent the day 'fighting Florida'; mowing the lawn, digging up saw grass or whatever that tall thick leafed grass is and hosing down the sills and crooks where bugs collect. Nancy got in a solid walk with Hanna, went shopping with her sister Mary for some needed household items and had the time to spend with a friend over tea I spent the evening here with Rachael as John left at 6:30.

Rachael had been asleep most of the evening and awoke at about 10:45, first she tried some apple sauce, then some chocolate pudding. She wanted something else and it was Chili! Being that she was on Full Liquids only, she is not allowed Chili. I explained this to her but she would not accept that restriction. I found that she wanted to talk to the nurse. When the nurse told Rachael that she could not have Chili without speaking first with the doctor, Rachael responded with a clear NO! Her loving Nurse Dawn contacted the doctor at 11:00 pm and got the ok for Rachael to have Chili. Nancy arrived with Wendy's Chili (Rachael's favorite) in tow and Rachael heartily ate a good portion of it.

Nancy and I are spending the night together with Rachael as opposed to the split shifts we have been doing. Last night, Carol, Rachael's aunt, spent the night here with Rachael so that we could be at home for a night. It is tough on the marriage to be doing the 'shift' thing and like Nancy has said, "it is like we are co-workers". We have been in crisis mode for a few weeks and been either at the hospital, at school or at rest in separate places. I just want to talk to my wife about something aside from medicine!

Rachael's Aunt Mary and Hanna cleaned through our house today like the EPA on a toxic spill, so the house is in order. All is well and moving along in a forward direction. Rachael is in pretty rough pain still and is being medicated for it.

Please keep up the prayers! They have truly helped a in a big way.






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