Sunday, August 17, 2014

In ICU Recovering

Well, Rachael still has a few humps and bumps to get over before she is in the clear.  Currently she is critical but stable, as can be expected given the traumatic surgery she has had.  She is not yet breathing on her own which is due to the heavy meds she is on. Every once in a while with stimulus and coaching she does "breath over" the machine.   That is when she is breathing more than the machine is set for.  They placed a PIC line in her to give a wider port for administering drugs and nutrients. 
She will remain here for a few days and then be moved to a regular room.  
Nancy is very nervous and has left for a few hours to go see Daniel and Hanna and to shake off the nerves.  I am here at ICU until getting this post out and finding out when I can get in the school to setup for class on Monday. Both Nancy and I plan on being at the school on Monday
I am tired and apprehensive in regards to possible over medication and other items routine for others but requiring vigilance with Rachael. Nancy is doing a great job of advocating for Rachael. We are blessed with the incredibly skilled team the Lord has pulled together for Rachael.  
She is in very rough shape right now. Her vitals are good with a faster heartbeat than we would like to see.
Please continue to pray for her with a special focus on protection from infection and for breathing on her own.


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