Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rachael at SMH

Hello Friends,

Rachael went into Sarasota Memorial Hospital on Monday with severe abdominal distress. She went home Wednesday as we had anticipated office visits with two other doctors on Friday.  Her condition worsened overnight and she returned to SMH. 

After several tests and doctors it has been found that she has a partial or complete obstruction of her large intestine, most likely a twist that has caused her digestive system to shutdown. 

Today,  Saturday, she will undergo a non-surgical procedure. If successful she will be home in a few days. If not she will be moved to surgery to remove or repair the problem section.  

If the latter, it will be a long road of recovery for her and the risks are higher.   
Please be in prayer for Rachael and our family.  We have been running on a few hours sleep a night over the past 7 days.  Hanna starts school on Monday and Nancy and I return to school to minster in our respective rollers as well on Monday. 
Rachael is a brave girl but she admitted to being afraid today.   I have never heard her say that before. 

Bad things happen in this fallen world. Being children of God through faith in the hope and promise of Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior, we know that we all, Rachael, Daniel, Hanna, Nancy and myself are  presented with the opportunity to learn Godly wisdom from this trial.  We know that by focusing on Christ, we will have things better than gold. The peaceful fruit of righteousness is waiting for us and any believer faced with trials. 

We sound the trumpet for your prayer,

Thank you!

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