Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Celebration of Life June 20, 2015

We invite you to a celebration of Rachael's life  on June 20th, 2015 from 11:00AM until 12:30PM at
Calvary Chapel Sarasota 3800 27th ParkwaySarasota, Fl 34235

Fellowship to follow at an off-site location. 

We are collecting testimonies and memories of Rachael's impact on your life, both before and after the accident.  Please leave them here as a Comment or Email to burtandnancy@gmail.com with the subject of 'Rachael'

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The Wizeman-Hinkle family.


Unknown said...


God thank you for all Rachael has taught me these past 4 months not just as her Aunt but her part time caregiver.

Weekend of Valentines 2015, I was asked to care for her, then asked if interested in a regular part time caregiver job in the afternoons. My first thought was how boring, how can I help or gifts can I bring to her. I accepted this position. Boy!! Was I wrong! Don't judge until you have walked in another's shoes!

Year ago had taken an CNA weeks course. Shortly afterwards took CPR/first aide with disabled brother in law.

What I learned at this time or I helped.

1. What a huge ministry she had along with her big smile.

2. What struggles each family member had.

3. At this time I was not reading the bible, book dad's wife had given me or attended church do due being in depression. Shortly after excepting this job I was reading these books to her, me and family attend the same church (son attends Youth Group) and slowly got out of my depression.

4. Learned along with Rachael to laugh or ignore Burt's humor/jokes.

5. Learn her favorite food is chili, Wendy's of better yet my homemade chili.

6. How to give her medicine, with spoon with yogurt, ice cream, or applesauce.

7. When Burt and Nancy went out on a date got to learn lots about her sister Hanna while she was sleeping.

8. Was able to have time to food shop for them and make dinners for them when she was in hospital or their kitchen being remodeled, bring her grandma and uncle Charlie to visit them.

9. Learn all their personal struggles.

10. What entrained her most, especially taking on phone or listening to others conversations. This activity helped often when she was blue or not feeling well.

11. What did not entrain her by her body language, saying no, or roaring like a lion especially if conversation in the room was one she did like hearing.

I could go on and on. You get the picture.

Thank You Rachael for teaching me all that you did these past 4 months along with your smiles. These past months will hold a special place in my heart.

Thank You for her, her family blessings to me and me to them.

Thank You God for her family entrusting me with their precious Rachael, for all you are have done for them and us caregivers from the past, present and future.

Until we meet again Rachael.

Your Aunt Yvonne

Unknown said...

I thank You Lord for bringing such a wonderful person into my life. Rachael was a fantastic individual who exemplified the meaning of the term, "a servant's heart." To list the number of ways that she touched not just mine but other peoples' lives would require a library's worth of empty books for us to jot down and record.

For me, I will always remember seeing her as I walked through the door at church, laughing with the ladies and helping out with the "morning craziness" at Calvary Chapel of Venice. I will always remember how she laughed at my cheesy jokes, and at the way I would say "Senorita Rachael" in my terrible Cheech Marin impersonation.

But most of all, what I will remember is how she loved and pursued the Lord with all her heart and how nothing, not even a terrible accident, could take away that smile.

I am sorry that I have no words to assuage the grief that you feel. I can only look back at the words I find in the Gospel of John as Jesus comforted His Disciples:

"Yet a little while and the world will see me no more, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live." - John 14:19

Yours in Christ,

Ian Lawless

Anonymous said...

It's Friday Rachael . . .thinking of you . . and I miss you!
Peace and love for you always.
Aunt Carol

Carol McGough said...

Rachel had the most beautiful smile,
I don't remember the year, but Rachel was serving as a K4 assistant. For the end of the year program, Kelsey and Jordan Obbema helped with choreographing the Ugly Bug Ball Dance. Rachel would come in and laugh along with us. Whatever she did, she did with such a beautiful spirit. It is how I will always remember her. It's sort of like coming to Florida for the first time and seeing the flowers. My first thought was, "if this is a cursed creation, imagine creation at its beginning and at its restoration." "If that was her smile in a cursed creation, imagine it in a glorified, incorruptible state!" I'll be looking for it, when I get there, for sure!"