Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rachael Headed to ICU

Rachael has fallen into septic shock.   This is a severe infection.  You can read up on it  Here
Earlier this morning she vomited and had 2 more events during the day.  We were not able to get accurate vitals from her once she became diapheretic at which time we called 911.  In the ambulance her heart rate had jumped to 180 and her BP was in the 60's and dropping.  Breathing became shallow and rapid as the EMS guys dillegently worked to stabilize her.  They were unable to get an iv in so they resorted to an IO which is a radical method of placing an iv directly into the bone.
She is being given anti-biotics and fluids and is in and out of consciousness.  She is headed to the ICU and will remain there for an indefinite period. 

She has never been in more danger since the accident and we ask for your fervent prayer. There is so much for all of us to be praying for at this time with the loved ones in several families in the local body suffering severe and deadly illnesses.  Please add us to the incense of petition from the saints to our Lord of all those facing these medical trials.

Can you imagine doing this without Christ?  When we are weak he is strong for us.  We are weak.  We pray for Jesus to be glorified and thank Him for His strength.

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