Friday, May 22, 2015

Exodus 14: 1-3

'...the wilderness has shut them in.'

Rachael's blood pressure is very low.  To increase takes harsh drugs that will cause damage to smaller veins in the arms and other sites normally used for an IV.  So a Central Line is placed via the jugular vein to down near the heart so that blood samples can be drawn and drugs given without hurting smaller veins.  With the low bp, it is not possible to get blood samples via an iv.   The IO is not in a place to allow drugs to go.  It is good for hydration.  So here is where she is at:

1. The Central Line failed as the line hit some type of an obstruction, blocking the pathway.  Probably a contracted muscle or scar tissue.
2. The next step is through the femoral artery in one of her legs.  It was found that she has one blood clot in each leg blocking that option. 
3. A third option is to go in under the clavicle, but given her condition and blood history, they decided to not take that option.

So she needs the drug to raise her BP but all  3 options are not feasible. 

Prayer - That her B P raises on its own or they get one of the options to work.

Right now, like Israel in the wilderness, she is out of options.  We ask for prayer that God will part a small sea and provide a way to get the line in.


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