Friday, May 1, 2015

Discharged Today

Rachael is over the hump with the issues that plagued her on this visit.  Our thanks once again to First Physicians Group and Dr. Jack Rodman and Dr. Constantine Marousis and his most excellent assistant Paul!  Rachael is blessed with a team of physicians that keep her going during the rough times.  She has been through so much these past months.  Since August she has either been in the hospital or in recovery.  We are praying that his visit will be the last one for a long time.

So Rachael is doing better, still weak.  She began eating today with very small portions and will continue on this path until she is back to her normal intake.  She did have her PEG tube replaced which she was not at all happy about.  She is troubled by its presence and wishes it gone for good.
The tube has helped to save her several times.

We continue to learn about Rachael and how her body functions.  Please continue to pray whenever the Lord lays us on your hearts.

Blessings in Him,


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