Monday, June 6, 2011

Pray Today - Rachael is in Surgery

Pray for Rachael today.  She is in Surgery early this morning for the installation of her Baclofen pump.  Baclofen is an extreme muscle relaxer.  The pump puts the drug directly into the spinal fluid in microgram amounts.  We pray that:

1. There will be no spinal fluid leaks.
2. That the drug will permit Rachael's legs and arms to relax.
3. That there will be no other complications.

Please continue to pray for her complete recovery with all the glory going, no matter what the level of healing, to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Caitlyn said...

Joining you in prayer to the Great Physician<3

Yvonne said...

Let us know how we can help other than prayer. Give all concerned peace and comfort knowing that you are in control of all thi9ngs. In Jesus Name AMEN!!!! God bless you all.

Drena and Dara Messenger said...

In prayer for Rachael and for all of you! Sending loving thoughts your way as well. May God keep you firmly in his grasp this day and always.

Pat and LeAnn said...

Praying for a great outcome of Rachael's surgery.

Lisa Miller said...

I will be praying for you Rachael. I know God has great plans for you.

We love you Rachael
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dan

Susan Hyland said...

Mark and I are praying for great success with the Baclofen pump and a quick recovery from the surgery. With God all things are possible!

We love you, rachael and all!

Cynthia said...

Will continue to pray. I will tell you that a good friend of mine has a pump to do the same thing for a different reason, but anyway, the outcome has been great for her for a number of years (I think close to 10). Just recently she was starting to show some weakness in one area of her leg and they thought it might have been her pump had moved etc. Anyway, they had surgery and replaced it to a different area and so far so good. So, I a excited for her and hope that it provides the relief needed as it did my friend. God Bless.