Friday, June 17, 2011

A Cute Way To Bless The Girls -A Pajama Blessing

Tonight we had a wonderfully relaxing time with Rachael.  She had a great bath that she enjoyed.  Following that we had lots of laughs with her.  She is excited to be going home and is without pain tonight.  Thanks to Jesus for this night.

Nancy asked that we post a neat way for you to bless Rachael and Hanna.  Rachael has been wearing a hospital gown for 5 1/2 months.  Hanna, as you might not know, has been a wonderful servant to her sister.  She has been on this ride with us since the accident.  Hanna has died to many of her own needs during this time.  She has grown much stronger with her relationship in Christ.  She never whines yet she is very honest in a loving way about her feelings.  Transparent. Through all of this she maintained a straight A average in school though many nights she got in late.  She has encouraged both her mom and I with notes crafts, words and verses.  Hanna has even taken to writing poems and lyrics.  Quite honestly there were nights when I had nothing left and Hanna would pop in and lift our spirits with a joy bent on diverting our sorrows or self pity.  So where am I going with this?  Pajamas. Yup, pajamas.  Nancy has asked that if you would like to have some fun blessing the girls send some pajamas.  Rachael is going to be in pjs most of the time as she heals and rehabs.  Hanna loves them so it would be neat to see pajamas start showing up.  I know we have asked for your support in so many ways  This would just be a neat way to bless the girls and bring great joy to Hanna.  A Pajama Blessing.  As far as the pjs go, here are the sizes:
Rachael - Size 12 Womans
Hanna -    Size 14 Girls (she is 12-13 right now but she is shooting up fast)
Nancy - Size 8 Womans

I asked for Nancy's size.  Yes guys, I had to ask I did not know.  She was thinking of Rachael and Hanna.  I wanted to add her to the request.  You don't have to buy for everyone.  Just pick one.  Pick some wild ones, pretty ones, crazy ones, happy ones, whatever.

Have fun!

So if you want to have some fun with this, we will publish the pics.  Here is the address.

369 Sea Grape Rd.
Venice, Florida  34293

Daniel likes footies.  Just kidding.  He does not wear PJs any more.  Garanimals.

God Bless


Susan Hyland said...

What a great idea!!!

Will be praying for your transition HOME!!
God Bless!

Susan and MArk

Pat and LeAnn said...

Great idea guys! And Burt, why did you leave yourself off the list?

Christine said...

so cute!