Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prayer Needed - Birthday request too.

Hey folks, Rachael has been vomiting by increasing frequency each day.  Today (Saturday) she was vomiting steadily for about an hour.  At the time she is resting comfortably and we are waiting until 5;00 before deciding whether to take her to SMH or not.  Our Dr. is aware of what is going on and being updated if anything changes.  We are asking you to pray that we find the reason for the vomiting.  It could be one of several things including her current med protocols, her pump or her feeding tube.  We just are not sure.  Please pray that the Lord will reveal this to us, stop the vomiting and be glorified in this bump in the road.


PS -- ** Sunday is Nancy's birthday.  Please text words of encouragement to her at 941-323-6101 and be sure to sign your name as she has very few contacts in her phone.  If you don't text please send an email to her at

In the shadow of His wings,

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judy and family said...

Hey Rachael and family,

Just finised reading all the updates. (I have been away from the computer for a while.)
Wow! What a strong family you have. What a great team. You guys are such an encouragement to me and my family. I know you give the Lord all the glory and we should.

I will continue to pray for you Rachael, everyday. You are such a lovely and brave young lady.

I really appreciate the honesty and strength that the Lord provides your family. You are truly blessed to have them by your side.

With much Love,
Judy C. and family