Friday, September 7, 2012

There Is No Place Like Home

Dorothy clicked her heals together to get back home, Rachael's heals are a whole different story. Yet, she is home, by the One who has had all power and authority over all things given to Him, Jesus Christ! How often has it happened to you or someone you know that you were back home on the day of discharge by 11:00 AM? That is how it played out today for Rachael. We attribute this to a great doctor, Doctor O'Neill from Kennedy White Orthopedic Group and a great staff at SMH Ortho for getting us out the door.

It was a long night. Too reminiscent of the many nights we spent with Rachael at several different hospitals or health care facilities. The flip side is that we have done this before. Nancy did great! She was at peace and really that all started for both of us when the prayer chains started. This will be hard for some to process (J ) but we felt the prayer. The results were fantastic and it looks like there will be no need for further procedures. #PraiseGod.

For those that do not know, Rachael had Contracture Release surgery. Her feet were turned inward to a right angle at the ankle. Try to do that with your feet. She has been this way since about 3 months post accident.

The cuts were many to both feet. Her right Achilles tendon was cut but her left remains intact. Many other smaller cuts were made at strategic points to release the tendons. The doctor also moved tendons, removing it from one location and reattaching it to another. This is nothing short of surgical art. We prayed with our doctor for God to work through his hands and for God's will, whatever the result, be done.

Thank you all for your prayers, they worked big. Rachael's heart beat was up to 178 post op. That is a scary place to be. Your prayers helped to keep thoughts to the present and kept us from nearly losing it. Once again, Dr. Simon played a key role in providing comfort to us and Rachael. SMH is a great place to be sick or fixed in. What wonderful care all the way through at SMH! We also had the chance to share Christ during the recovery portion. What can you say when someone says "you guys must have a direct line" except 'so can you!' Then go from there.

Thank you again our brothers and sisters in Christ.



Christine said...

Glad she's home!!

Lynnette Haskins said...

Praise God for answered prayer!