Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You For The Prayer - Rachael Doing Great!

Rachael is doing much better.  She began to find releif earlier this evening.  Nancy was focused, caring and entrenched in getting this working for Rachael.  She prayed alot.  She tried several different remedies throughout the past few days.  Together, at night, all night, we worked to bring releif to Rachael.

Both Rachael and Nancy are sleeping comfortably.  It has been a wild week!  More later, God did some work on all our hearts on this one!  Praise be to Jesus Christ!


Paula Stakes said...

Thankful to hear Rachael is doing better, but will keep praying for her and you too, Nancy. I've heard some of the story from Cindy Thomas and am so sorry. Our God is able and will pray for healing!!

Tom & Darryl said...

Our heart and prayers are with all of you. Hope you are able to get some rest and Rachael is on her way to more recovery. Much love, T & D