Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Surgery On Thursday

Please keep Rachael in your prayers this day as she is having important surgery done to straighten her feet.  Rachael has contractures on both feet causing them to curve to the inside.  Thursday, she will have "contracture release" surgery.  Pray for Dr. O'neill and his skilled hands, pray for Nancy and I as we care for Rachael, especially Nancy as she will be with Rachael on Friday.  We are asking you also to pray that Rachael will experience minimal pain during her 6 week recovery.

Rachael has waited a long time to make this decision.  We have too.  Rachael is insanely gung-ho and ready to get this surgery done.  She is not afraid, she is excited!  We look forward to great results and once again to see our Lord work through the hands of skilled doctors.

Thank you for your prayers!  We arrive at the Hospital at 7:00 AM


This will may have a logistical impact on how we perform care for Rachael.  We will need to modify the way we do things, ways that have become second nature.  Whenever there is a new adjustment like this, it is troubling and can lead to frustration.  Pray for peace that goes beyond all understanding for Nancy and I.


Laurie Crigler said...

Mary...Lynnzee told me about this Atlanta trip...Danny and I are thinking about you and Nancy as Rachael has this important surgery...our prayers are with you all.....hope all works out the way she wants it sure has been a long road for all of you! Be Brave!
Love....Laurie & Danny

Susan Pence said...

Prayers for Rachael and you all ~ prayers for peace, and for healing.

Drena Messenger said...

Praying for you all! With much love, Drena & Dara