Thursday, September 6, 2012

Out Of The Woods

Rachael has settled into her room here at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.  Her heart rate is in the 130's and stable.   All 3 doctors involved agree that the heart rate should be monitored but is no urgent concern.  Rachael is semi-conscience and has said she is in a great deal of pain in her feet and throat.

She is spending the night here. Nancy and I will be with her. We all want to thank you for your prayers today. We know they made a difference.

Rachael has a cast on each foot. She will be wearing them for about a month As i am writing, her heart rate went down to 116

Her doctor, Dr. Oneill from Kennedy White, was very approachable, clear in communication and readily available. He is quite meticulous and stated several times that he was not in a rush to do his work. The guy was great. He stated that this was the worse case of contracture that he has seen. He is very pleased with the outcome. So are we.

We have been pretty quite these past few months with updates. Thank you for responding so quickly and for keeping us all in your prayers. It has been tough as of late with the surgery and life. It has been 1yr7months since the accident. Realities set in yet hope does not wain. We are facing some giants, have picked our stone and slung our shot. Today and over the past few days, God was glorified.
Thank you all very much!

Burt and Nancy

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Tom & Darryl said...

We're glad to hear the update of Rachael's surgery going well and will continue to pray for her recovery. Tom's prayers have always been that she would walk again and be able to communicate clearly. He knows his own recovery is a direct result of people's prayers and God's healing power. God bless, Darryl