Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tonight At Roy's

The Day Is Here!! Tonight at 6:00pm at Roy's in Sarasota is Rachael's Benefit Auction and Dinner.  This is turning into quite the affair with some GREAT items to Auction and an exquisite meal!  Roy's is a top notch restraunt in Sarasota and you will be blessed by their offerings.

If you are Christian, just know that we are going to a public restaurant with many an unbeliever there.  Tracts will be given out, the Gospel shared and if you are there you are part of Team Rachael!  Engage folks in conversation!  There will be many neat people there.  These people have been touched by Rachael's story and want to help.  Pray for open hearts and opportunity.

There are still Tickets available at the door for the 50.00 meal.  It is going to be far better than the 50.00 price as again, this is an amazing place to eat.

You do not need to buy a dinner to participate in the auction!

God Bless and we are looking forward to seeing you there.  Rachael was up early today and is very excited...on a side note -

Last night, with assistance by only me, she sat up on the edge of her bed and did a great job of balancing herself.  We are very excited about this!  So is she.  It use to take 4 Therapists to sit her up!   God is healing and never stops!

Burt and Nancy and Rachael!

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