Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Benefit Auction For Rachael!!

As you can see from the above Flyer, there is a Benefit Auction for Rachael coming up this week at Roy's in Sarasota.  We need your prayers for both Amy and Mandy who are putting this together, Nancy for travel mercies back from Californina with Daniel (she fianlly got a break!) and for myself as I prepare for sharing the Gospel that night.  We are praying too that Nancy and Daniel will get back to Florida in time! Most importantly for Rachael, that she will have a calm and joyful time that night. Thank you all for your support.  Rachael has many years ahead of her and we are working to build her fund to support her throughout her life and to take care of some immediate needs. I apologize for the lack of updates but I have been working and things are quite active at night around the house.  We will be updating you on Rachael's progress soon.  There are some neat things the Lord is doing in her!

Rachael is very excited about this night!


Burt and Nancy

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