Monday, February 6, 2012

Ross LaPointe - Prayer Request

A great brother in Christ and a good friend, Ross LaPointe is in need of your prayers.  Ross is not conscious in the ICU at Sarasota Memorial Hospital following emergency surgery last week.  Please check out his Blog on Facebook .!/pages/Ross-A-LaPointe/246799778727584?sk=info

Ross has a wife, Faye, children Nicci, Rossi, Seth, Jennifer, Stepehen, Alice and Jonathan.  Rossi and Seth are both serving our country in the military but are currently on family leave.

Ross LaPointe is quiet, steadfast in the Lord  and a great example of spiritual leadership in his family.

We love these guys and we thank you so much for joining us in praying for them.

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Yvonne said...

Thanks brother in law, brother in Chirst for posting this. They is a benefet in in honor Sunday March 11 from 1-5 2 minutes behide our house. Go to his FB made by his oldest daughter Ross A. LaPointe. I too have passed this news to others such as UPS men I see in my outings and to one at dog park, who will be retiring this Monday from UPS and knows him. This benefet is hosted by his co-workers. I go to same chuch as Ross and know God hands and His will are all His for Ross. Thanks to all our prayer warriors we need them more than ever. Please pass on Thank You and have a Blessed day and let's go out there and do His Will AMEN! AND AMEN!!!!