Monday, March 21, 2011

Elaine Dick Wrote These Words To Us

Elaine Dick wrote these words to us on Febrary 22.

 elaine says:

To Nancy and Burt, Daniel and Rachael,
We are praying without ceasing. I have some understanding with which Rachael is going through, i was in her state, not electrocuted, yet under the care that she is getting for nine months and then another 6 months, and two years of rehab, miracle after miracle as we/they watched God move. I had no awareness much time through this, yet there was one thing, i loved and actually remember, i remember my mom and dad and Ray in the later years of things happening again and being in that state, , i loved to hear their whisper in my ear. Ray would sing softly some words. Jesus love you, i love you. Some things were very over stimulating even in my recovery time and some things i had no reaction too, yet i do remember moments. Anyways, this is not about me, this is about what is happening in the spirit realm and the battle is being won, one inch at a time. God is glorious. Oh Lord have mercy, my heart goes out to Nancy and you Burt, because i know it is exhausting, i seen the weariness and the tiredness in my parents when they took care of me day and night and now I even see it in my husband these days, still taking good care of me. There was/is always a peace and a joy, even in their frustration at time. Yet it is God’s love that gets us through, it is His power and His strength and His mercy. Oh Lord we love you. Today, please again, as you have, arise within Nancy and Burt, give them all they need to take care of their child, Your child, Lord take care of them emotionally and spiritually and physically, may you be their guide, their eyes, their wisdom, their power and strength and may you give them a joy unspeakable, and may we see you move once again today, Father God, we will praise you and not stop praying, Continue that good work, oh God, we stand on your promises. They are yes and amen. God bless you all. God only knows your pain, no one else does. No one knows this journey that God has you all on. We may have had similar experiences, yet the answer is still the same HOPE Of GLORY for today and forevermore, Amen.

Love and prayers,

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