Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Lazy Rainy Day

Rachael was very relaxed today.  Normally her right arm is contracting and her right leg is bent but today she was very relaxed.  She was grinding her teeth but not with the ferocity of the 'storms' we have mentioned in earlier posts.  It is hard for her to relax her muscles on the right side.  Her brain wants to contract the muscles so it is quite an effort to relax them.  The PT folks, Physical Therapry, have been straightening her out by forcing her legs and arms down to relax.  She did that for a good portion of the day todayby her self.

She had a visit by her Grandmother Thelma her Aunt Lisa and her little cousins.   We figure with all the work yesterday, she needed to rest and Nancy predicted that today would be a laid back day for her.  With the rain in the morning, it seemed like just another lazy rainy day.  She needed rest and rest  she did.  We did get one smile out of her --  when we played a Lacrae CD!

Please pray for Pastor Ray and Elaine Dick of Refuge Calvary Chapel of Bradenton.  Updates on Elaine's condition are posted at

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Yvonne Tucker said...

Praise the Lord for that.