Monday, March 16, 2015

Rachael is at SMH Again

An update from nancy---We ended up coming to the ER when Rachel started going to fever this afternoon she has a bad UTI and she's finally sleeping from the Benadryl Compazine mixture that they gave her.
Update from Burt: 
an update on Rachael, she is in a room here at the hospital. She is on 2 antibiotics and we wait for the blood test to find out exactly what's going on. She still has a headache in spite of the medicine she has been given.  Nancy will be heading home soon I will be spending the night then we'll switch off in the AM. It looks like she will be here for at least the next two days. We're praying for a quick test results so that everything can get under control and also for her comfort and peace wisdom for the doctors and great caregivers around her.

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