Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Morning

Yes it has been a confusing day.  Yesterday we planned to have Rachael admitted to SMH.  That happened today at the direction of her doctor. The surgery from the 16th of August appears to have provided the desired results.  Something else is troubling her now.  She is not able to eat more than a few small bites of mechanical soft; or food of the consistency of oatmeal.  She is suffering from extreme abdominal pain and has lost a considerable amount of weight  She is able to drink but only a few ounces at a time.  Before any more testing can be done she needs to have an eating tube inserted to restore her strength.  This procedure has been set for 8:30 in the morning (9/12). 
Nancy will be spending the night and prep begins at 6 AM. 
Rachael is very weak.  She has not had a typical meal for herself since before the week of August 16.  To quote W, it has been a "long hard slog" for her. 
She needs your prayers as does Nancy.  Yesterday, with the activity and agony that surrounded Rachael, Nancy said she felt lifted up!  Prayer works.
Please lift up a prayer for them and as you go about your day, keep them in prayer as the Lord calls them to remembrance.  
We will update you as we have solid info to share.


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