Sunday, February 17, 2013

On The Road Again! - Shepherd Center

We got the call!  On Wednesday, firmed up on Thursday, we got the green light from Shepherd for Rachael to go up for rehab.  Nancy's sister Mary drove down from NC to ride up to Atlanta with the girls.  They left today at about 12 noon.  They will be there for at least a week.  Then week by week they evaluate Rachael's progress.  We are able to take this step in a great part due to the generosity of many people over the past 2 years.  Rachael has a trust fund and the monies in it are used for her quality of life.  This is not a low cost venture and praise God for folks that helped along the way.  Thank you!

I just spoke to Nancy and they are approaching Atlanta.  It is chilly up there tonight!  They had a great trip up and Rachael is having a blast.  She loves a road trip.  On Friday she wanted Nancy to go over all the details of what was happening and when.  Rachael likes to know where and when she is going someplace.  Once she has that info we all better be on a path to an early arrival of whatever the destination or our sweet Rachael will let you know you need to pick up the pace!  Before the accident she was always early where she had to go and the first one ready to leave if we were going as a group.

Please pray for great success for Rachael and opportunities to share the Lord with some new folks.

This morning our house was an adrenaline factory.  Loud, fast and structured chaos.  Tonight, Hanna is at her cousins and I, our dog Joy and Cuddles the Cat have the quiet run of the house.  I don't like it a bit.  All that stuff about how great it is to be alone,  "hey, you got some time by yourself.." is a lie from the pit.  To me anyway.  Probably due to my many years of bachelorhood, I have seen the other side and I love it here!!  I miss Nancy already and it has only been a few hours.  This place is so quiet you can here the pin fall before it drops!  The quiet...I realized I have a ringing in my ear.   Probably self inflicted!

So please keep them in your prayers.  Rachael will go through intensive 1/2 day rehab sessions as they decide on what area's to focus on for her best benefit.  As long as she continues to show growth she will be up there.  She could be there for as long as 3 weeks.  As I get photos and updates, I will post them here.

Praise God from whom all blessing flow!



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