Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prayer Request - Husband of Nancy's Niece

The Husband of Nancy's niece Leanne, Dave Jones, is in need of immediate intervention by our Lord and Savior as he is in ICU following a motorcycle accident.  Please pray for his healing, for his wife Leanne and their 3 children Kaitlyn, Justin and Alicia and that through this trial, that our Lord will be glorified.

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Yvonne Milller said...

Dear God: Please help my niece Lianne get throough this tragedy one day at a time. Help her to protize her life in the order that is pleasing to Your will. Let those around her not only pray for her but ofer their assistance out of the goodness of their heart. Let Dave feel less pain everyday, heal his body. Let each and every surgery be successful. Please provide for all her needs especially finding a place to live. Thank You for all you are doing and willl do for them from the present to the future, for sparing Dave's life. I ask all this in your precious name Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!