Sunday, August 19, 2012

Road Trip!

Rachael, Nancy and Aunt Mary are leaving Monday morning for Atlanta!  The Shepherd Institute is located there.

This is one of the top brain injury/spinal injury centers in the nation.  This is an evaluation trip to see if they can work with Rachael.  We are excited to see how the evaluation comes out.  If so, they will stay up there for several weeks.  This is a wonderful opportunity and we ask for your prayers for travel mercies and for opportunities to share Christ while they are up there.  So Daniel, Hanna and I will be solo for a few days, we need your prayers too!  Nancy has done a great job of setting us up with all sorts of food.  We will hide the Checkers wrappers before she gets home!

Hanna starts school in the morning at Calvary Chapel School.  It sounds like it is going to be a banner year there. 

Once again I have to apologize for the lack of updates.  We have gotten busy here with Nancy and Rachael doing Mary Kay
and having a ball doing it.  Also my day job at Stewart Signs

Rachael continues to improve in those little increments that we cherish.  Her right leg is nearly a full extension now.  She has had steady Hyperbaric treatments now for a few months.  As I stated before, they work.  If you know anyone with a brain injury, have them check it out. 

So we move along.  We have far fewer tough times at the house.  There is a lot of paper work for Nancy to do as she gets ready to take over full care for Rachael. To save the state money, they have a program where they will train you to manage the therapies for your loved one.  Instead of having the patient in a home or institution, they remain in your house and you take over the managmanet of her care instead of a 3rd Party agancy.  It is a good program and makes us much the more comfortable haveing control over what is happenening with her help and therapy.  All said, we will miss our friends at Shakina Glory.

Well, I need to get Hanna to school in the morning so I am hitting the sack.  For s steady prayer request we pray that Rachael will regain site and the ability to talk clearly.

Rachael remains in great, Spirit filled joy.

Love Burt And Nancy

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