Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rachael's Rescuers Receive Phoenix Award

Those blessed folks being used by God to revive Rachael were honored today by the Sarasota County Fire Department. There is so much more to share but I wanted to get this post up for you all to see.  This link will take you to the website of ABC Affiliate WWSB in Sarasota.  Rachael was able to thank each one for their grand work.  We were told that everything that could go right did go right that night.  That everything "lined up".  Many factors occurred at that time that night on the side of the Sarasota County Fire, EMT's and Sheriffs Departments to permit quick response, the equipment and people to make it happen.  We will share our thoughts on this and more in another post, for now, see the story as it was broadcast.

Life-saving awards handed out at Sarasota fire station



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Yvonne Miller said...

God Thank you that after days have gone by that we can thank those we have a part in our life even when it comes to saving us from death. You have shown this with me to Rachael's cousin who is 4 months older than Rachael, and leaving to go to New York to work in February that it is never to late to thank those who had a big part in their life. Thank You for putting this in our hearts to be thankful for them later for thier part in helping us parents with our daughters. AMEN!!