Tuesday, November 22, 2011

About The Loft Benefit

From Nancy:

Some people have asked what the gathering at the Loft Restaurant is for  We are trying to raise funds to continue her Hyperbaric treatments since they are showing improvements in both speech and movement.  These treatments are not covered by insurance and cost $5000.00 per 20 session increments.  She has already had 40 Treatments and we are hoping for 40 more.  In addition to this, the gas to get to Palm Harbor which is 1 1/2 hours away and the only location that would accept Rachael, costs $550.00 per month.  Rachael's insurance no longer pays for all the therapy she needs because she was not making functional progress at the pace the insurance requires.  Burt and I do most of her therapy at home.  I spend up to 2 hours a day doing her therapy with her in bed.  It is difficult and not as effective as having a therapy table which costs around $1000.00.  The last need that we have is a portable Hoyer lift if we need to lift her to tend to her needs when we are not at home.  Currently, we can only take her on short jaunts to the doctor or church.  A portable Hoyer costs about $1300.00.  It is our hope that the funds raised will go towards these expenses.  Thank you very much and we hope to see you there!!

From Nancy's Sister Mary:

Dear Rachael, I am so happy to see this fund raising benefit come together that will indeed benefit you, hopefully in many, many ways. Thanks so very much to everyone who is putting in their time and effort to make this happen, as this is so important to Rachael’s recovery. Nancy and Burt have worked very hard to get Rachael access to treatments and therapies that are truly working in allowing her to progress in her healing, most of which are either not covered by insurance or only covered for a limited amount. Rachael knows these things are helping her gain more function with speech and motor control and she is eager to continue the hyperbaric oxygen treatments and works very hard at her therapy sessions. So it is essential that these treatments and therapies remain available and accessible to her. I encourage all who read this to pass the benefit date and place information on to family, friends and co-workers and invite them all to come participate in this event as part of TEAM RACHAEL! With your support, Rachael can continue to have the best opportunity for a significant recovery of her speech and motor function If you cannot participate and contribute as part of the benefit on Sunday (or even if you can), you can also make a difference in helping Rachael recover by making a contribution to the special needs trust that is in place for her. It is an irrevocable trust and all money in it goes directly to Rachael’s care and treatment. To donate to the trust, please make checks out as shown: Rachel Kaye Hinkle Irrevocable Special Needs Trust. With much love and gratitude to all for your compassion and support of Rachael and her family, Aunt Mary GO TEAM RACHAEL!!


Aunt Yvonne said...

Please repost trust fund to make it easy for one to contribute from the heart and not able to make it please and thank you.

Burt and Nancy said...

Hey Yvonne, There is a menu link up top that has all the info.