Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lasagna, Chili, Wheelchair Van Search

Rachael is doing fine. She is putting up with her headaches.  They are strong at times.  She is on her back and we are not moving her around much as the doctors have decided to let her rest for a week before moving onto a next step in resolve of the pump problems.

Nancy is working on finding Hyperbaric treatments for Rachael. Discussed on previous posts, the Hyperbaric Treatments have shown in studies and in reports to assist patients suffering from various diseases and damage associated with the brain. There are basically two options one is 95% oxygen and the other is 100%. That 5% means allot. To have a 95% oxygen treatment does not require a doctor to be present. To get the 100% does. Now here is the problem. 95% costs in the 150 range. The 100% is a whole higher as a doctor has to be consulted and present.  Nancy, Rachael and Nancy's sister Mary will be traveling to Palm Harbor for the treatments in 2 weeks. In order to get to Palm Harbor or Naples, we will need to get a wheelchair van. If anyone reading this has any leads on a wheelchair van, please contact me at 941-545-0713.  We are going to rent one but we are going to have to raise money to get one.  So if you know of one available let us know.

There exists a great opportunity in this area for resources focused on Traumatic Brain Injuries and Anoxic Brain Injuries. The focus right now is on the big money, heart, stroke and bones. Looking at our demographics this makes great sense. Yet the protocols for the initial treatment for heart attack or stroke differ from  TBI, closed trauma or anoxic brain injuries.  Our hope is to see a brain trauma and rehab center here one day.

Monday, Rachael will be going to one of 3 doctors involved in the pump. She has one doctor managing her pump, one doctor investigating the surgical options and another doctor managing the medications and overall direction of medicinal therapy.  Some may trust in horses, some in chariots, we will trust in the name of our Lord (I hear Nancy singing this in the other room with Rachael.) We will trust in Him and we are praying for discernment on the pump. Here is what we are facing.


1. there is a leak in the catheter. The resolve is to replace the catheter which is surgery.

2. there is a leak at the entrance point of the catheter.

Resolve 1: God heals it via healing process of body.
Resolve 2: God heals it through blood patch from needle by doctor.

We will be contacting Bohener and Reid for their input...jus kidden'

We are praying and waiting on word on what to do. So Monday she is to get the pump refilled but we are not sure how that is impacted by the leak. We are also considering the removal of the pump if it seems that continuing complications are a high probability. Rachael has indicated that she does not like the pump in

So that is it in a really big nutshell….oh, the Lasagna and Chili? She is eating both regularly. The foods are mashed but she is eating! Rachael has a swallow test on Tuesday, pray that all goes well.


Yvonne said...

I am praying in the name of Jesus that all prayers are answered and that a van you are reauesting is available soon. God Bless you all. Let us know how else we cvan help.

Christine said...

We have to trust that God will supply all your needs as we keep our trust in him. We'll keep praying!

Summer said...

I have sent this link out and will be putting it on my facebook. =/ It is so disturbing how the World functions. =( but maybe this will bring others to practice in the medical field and do some pro-bono work. Praying for you. Keep your eyes on the Goal and the prize which is in Jesus Christ. The Lord is our refuge, remember that. I am glad to hear Rachael is getting to enjoy some Italian FOOD!!! YUUUM! AND CHILI!!! WHAT! =) I bet she is really thankful for that. So I hear she will be graduating. =) I hope I am not misinformed. May God bless you in all you do. Jesus Loves you.

Caitlyn said...

Don't let this get you down! I know it seems super frustrating, but unfortunately red tape is a huuuge part of the medical world :( Don't feel like they're out to get you. They may even be looking out for Rachael here -- who knows. But if you think everyone's against you, you'll just get discouraged. God is for us...can anyone be against us? :)