Thursday, May 26, 2011

More A tweet Than A Post

Just a quick note.  We have been running day and night with Rachael, resources surrounding her recovery and agencies for support.  Thanks to my fellow teachers at CCS for giving me some lunchtimes to make calls.  She is moving back to Heartland today as we prepare the house for her return home.  Rachael is doing great and has had extensive therapy at Healthsouth.  She is going to get the Backlefen pump on June 7th to help with removing the contractions in her legs and arms.  She is VERY alert.   Her 'receptive language' is very good.  She still is having problems speaking and moving in bed.  Her legs remain contracted and she is not able to stand or situp on her own.  She has some voluntary control of her right arm.  She is still speaking Yes and No but is working on vowel sounds and blends.  We believe that she is blind.  Please pray for a smooth transition back to Heartland today and continued healing.  When things slow down after next week, the updates will be more frequent.  There is so much to share.

Burt and Nancy

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Lisa Miller said...

Hi Racheal,
You are the traveling girl!!!
I know you are excited about getting back to your home.
Keep up the good work
Love, Aunt Lisa